Our territory has a long winemaking tradition, Friuli is home to wine-growing areas renowned from the hills to the sea.

When we were little, our grandfather often took us with him to his countryside, where he took care of a small plot of vineyard for his micro-production of red wine. The most beautiful tradition was that of the harvest, when our whole family gathered for a day in the vineyard...

When we were little, our grandfather often took us with him to his countryside.

And we care a lot about traditions, that's why in our farm we decided to host a small vineyard, thanks also to the proximity to the Adriatic Sea, which creates an outstanding microclimate given by the currents of warm and brackish air. Here you can taste our characteristic IGP wines.

The Spumante Il Brut

Our dry sparkling wine comes from Glera quality grapes, has a straw yellow colour and a fresh and fruity scent. The flavor is enveloping, and the aftertaste is slightly bitter. It is an excellent accompaniment for aperitif, cheese-based appetizers and fish-based first courses.

Lama 2.0 Bianco

The name comes from the land in which it is grown, the “Lame” area, which once belonged to our grandfather. The land is suitable for wine cultivation, brackish and close to the Marano lagoon: this means that the Lama Bianco acquires particular organoleptic characteristics.

It is a dry white wine that derives from resistant grapes of the Soreli variety, vines that require less use of agrochemicals than traditional ones, in favor of environmental sustainability.
The grapes undergo a cold maceration treatment to extract the maximum aromas, fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature and refinement on the yeasts for 6 months.
The flavor is fruity, with green apple aromas.

It pairs well with fish and white meat dishes, but is also excellent for an aperitif.

Lama 2.0 Rosso

Lama 2.0 Rosso is intended to be the evolution of the Lama that our grandfather produced in his countryside, the "Lame" area near the lagoon.
Our red wine comes from resistant Cabernet Eidos quality grapes, vines that require less use of agrochemicals compared to traditional cultivation, in favour of environmental sustainability.
Its color is ruby red, its complexity broad in taste. Its flavor is spicy, with notes of berries.
It pairs perfectly with cured meats and cheeses, and with meat main courses.

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