Villa Manin, a fascinating place 20 km from the Casale!

Villa Manin, a fascinating place 20 km from the Casale!

Just over twenty kilometers from Agriturismo Casale ai Prati, stands an imposing and fascinating Villa of fundamental importance for European history: Villa Manin. Here, in fact, the Serenissima, the powerful Republic of Venice, ended at the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte.

If you intend to spend a stay at our farmhouse you cannot miss the opportunity to take a tour of the grandiose and harmonious eighteenth-century complex of Villa Manin.

Villa Manin: history, art and charm of ancient times

In Passariano di Codroipo, a Venetian villa awaits you, now home to important art exhibitions of an international level.

It is one of the largest residences in Italy and the prestigious home of the Manin nobles, including Lodovico, last doge of the Republic of Venice.

In 1797, in this splendid location, Lodovico had to witness the signing of the Treaty of Campoformido with which Napoleon decreed the end of the Serenissima... in short, it is a place truly rich in historical and architectural charm.

If you add to this the 18 hectares of English park, it would be a crime not to dedicate some time to its visit!

What to visit inside Villa Manin

This 16th century complex, capable of rivaling the residences of the kings of Europe and equaling in magnificence the numerous villas that the patricians of Venice built on the mainland, will give you a few hours of discovery and relaxation in the midst of a wonder architecture with an ancient flavour.

Getting there from our farmhouse is really simple and quick: a large car park outside allows you to leave your car very close to the entrance. At this point it is possible to choose whether to visit the museum area, be guided inside the rooms of Villa Manin or get lost in the immense garden characterized by labyrinths, water features, orangeries, underground iceboxes, hanging gardens and elegant loggias.

The exhibitions of Villa Manin

For years this splendid location has been the setting for exhibitions of contemporary and non-contemporary artists who enrich the place with that "great beauty" that only art is able to provide. In fact, the internal rooms of the villa periodically host interesting art exhibitions. But not only that, particular events and demonstrations, concerts and markets also take place in its gardens...

Are you ready to be amazed by this wonder?

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